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Postpartum herbal bath help soothes sore perineal muscles and hemorrhoids, minimizes swelling, and helps dry the newborn’s umbilical cord. All while creating a relaxing and bonding experience between mom and baby!

Ingredients: Organic Comfrey leaf, Organic Calendula flower, Organic Yarrow flower, Organic Lavender flower, Organic Uva Ursi, Organic Witch Hazel Bark, Organic Plantain leaf, Dead Sea salt.

Direction how to use: Place 1 packet of herbal tea in 2 qts. of boiling water and remove from heat. Let herbs steep for at least 20 minutes, add to bath water in a tub, careful to not over dilute. Baby and Mom should soak for at least 20 minutes.

Our herbal brew can be added to a maxi-pad and frozen to be used as a perineal ice pack to soothe swollen tissues. Conversely, using the herbal brew on a warm compress can be a comforting relief.

Contain for 2 individual packets for 2 bath total. 

Herb Bath is suggested for external use only.

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